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Built natively in Javascript and PHP, Play Date is a mobile-friendly, responsive site I created to help gamers keep up to date with the dates their favorite games are scheduled to be released. It took about a day to make and would not be here without Full Calendar or Giant Bomb's API. The site also uses Twitter Bootstrap for stylistic purposes as a CSS framework.
Additional features are coming soon including:

  • Exporting to iCal and Google Calendar formats.
  • Adding games that have already been released to the calendar.
  • Region Filtering.
  • Console Filtering.

Notice: I do not own or claim to own any of the information provided by Giant Bomb or Full Calendar that is used on this site.

Update: As of 21:37, 25 May, Play Date now has platform filtering!
Update: As of 14:58, 24 July, Play Date now implements caching!
Update: As of 00:21, 18 August, Play Date now implements RSS feeds!!
Update: As of 01:20, 20 August, Play Date now implements iCal/Google Calendar export!!!

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